Saturday, 28 December 2013

Where the DJ-ing started!!!!

As with all things learning how to DJ was not as easy as first expected. Especially as I wasn't having any lessons on how to DJ but just doing off my own thoughts of how it should be done, and those who know my brain will tell you that if there is a choice between the easiest and hardest ways I am more than likely to choose the hardest :)... So it probably took much longer to learn than it should've done.

To be honest at the beginning I sounded like a dogs dinner but I assumed everyone who's tried to DJ using vinyl had exactly the same thoughts when they first started... DJs learning today have it so much easier with software and that "SYNC" button :)

It took months and months of practising to sound half decent and I was so happy with how things were progressing, although I was spending what seemed like large sums of money on vinyl. Vinyl wasn't cheap in the early days especially as I just had a normal day job to support this extravagance (and clubbing at the weekends), but it was money well worth spent and gave me lots of enjoyment scouring record shops for unique songs and rare remixes of popular tracks.

Here are some of the best tracks I found:-

In the next blog I will continue with the journey and go into playing in clubs.....

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